Pace Partners FAQ [August 2020]

Great idea. I’m available to start right away for a QC position. :wink:


When the bots are active, how do we select that we want to ride with one?


Any update on bug fix/release?

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Probably not during a weekend

Checked out Amelia on the companion. She has 2 rides. One at constant 190 the other at constant 267. But sadly her free trial has expired (screenshot says so). Which explains the push out. Why can’t they just pay her subscription :grinning:


Still not available?
Also Shame they are not PR bots which allow you to compare and race against your previous best on climbs and completed routes. Eric promised this was coming over 2 years ago!!


Come on guys. I was truly looking forward to this feature, although I do like previous comments ideas of having a “ghost” of yourself you can race against.


Any ETA on this? Was looking forward to it.

Seems like an odd one to make this comment on - Pretty sure this wasn’t released therefore the issue was caught before production :man_shrugging:t2:

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Beta testing would start like 1-2 weeks before the update. Like 50 testers with 10h per week on a beta version. During those 1000h you would see something is broken and wouldn’t put it out there in the update notes.

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There would still be users who would run into issues and/or bugs. It’s the nature of software. No amount of testing, internal QA or with beta testers, is going to eliminate corner cases or bugs. Remember that Zwift is running on multiple operating systems across all kinds of hardware.

And sometimes, there are going to be some :man_facepalming:t2: bugs that somehow manage to get through QA :man_shrugging:t2:

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Other things were broken with the release (leaderboard issues, time gap issues); this was one that they caught. And the fact that they caught the bugs last minute on the pace bots, when users beta testing would’ve caught these things much sooner.

There’s other opportunities for diversification other than power, like one which is friendly and supportive “great job, everyone!” and other who is verbally abusive, texting insults at rides in the group, for example when their powers momentarily drop or they let gaps open.


I’m looking forward to the Evil Coach Pace Partner :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any update on the pace partners?

Just been an update, was it for this?

Looks like it, the pacer files have changed.

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We’re testing the next build. Thanks for your continued patience.


When i heard that there was going to be a 1w/kg pace bot i was really pleased. Then I saw that it’s 1-2.4. Another kick in the guts for those of us who for wherever reason are slow riders. My ftp is only 1.2 so that range is completely useless. I love zwift and I know I’m not a typical zwifter, but please throw us something occasionally. There are so few events for slow riders that a slow pace bot is needed most of all.