Pace Partners FAQ [August 2020]

The issue I was having was on a climb to the radio tower. It was very easy to get ahead of the PP and even stopping your cadence you couldn’t slow enough to get back in.

The flats with CC or BB are pretty predictable - there are wonky surges still, but the Esses with DD seems a bit yo-yo like, for some reason the Sequoias with BB doesn’t seem as bad, but that’s probably because I’m working to hang on :wink:

The drafting issue (which relates to a distance issue) I reckon is the cause of the surging - I hit up a pace-bot yesterday for pre-race warmup and had to exit as the surging was so dramatic. The D & C pacebots are more pronounced due to number of riders, whereas I suspect B is less so as it has significantly less riders.

Would it help those trying to keep the pace to ride in ERG mode ZwiftHQ? Also, if all choosing to ride with a PP were forced to a non drafting TT bike might that help with the draft creating inconsistent power needs and speed? Finally, is Double Draft off with PP rides? THX.