Pace Partners coming to Yumezi [Novermber 30 2021]


Tried a Pace Partner ride yesterday for the first time. Kinda cool and will ride with them in the future. I believe a future addition could be variable w/kg based on the terrain. Higher w/kg on the climbs, advertised on the flats and then lower to much lower on the descents.


It’s a shame that you used the same names. Why not give the partners on different worlds different names? Now I can’t say to someone “meet you with C. Cadence”, I have to say “meet you in world X with C”. You could also introduce some additional regional colloquialisms to the sporadic chitter chatter by regionalising them and having a broader spectrum of bots. Personally, I’m bored of riding with a Frenchman and an Australian. Give me a Belgian and a Scotchman. :slight_smile:


Aren’t a lot of movie theater movies only at 24fps?

So was this a 1-day only thing? (November 30th). Or is it saying the Pace Partners will always also be running on Makuri Islands? In that case I guess we have to wait for days that Makuri is a guest world, or if you can figure out a way to hack over to Makuri, the Pace Partners will be there?

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They were there yesterday, so I believe they are going to stay. You can ride Makuri in a meetup or using zwifthack (depending on platform you use) - zwift-preferences – ZwiftHacks

Angus , Bonni , Callum and Doogie …

That’s good to hear. Why would they choose a world you have to hack to get to, as the 2nd option for riding with a Pace Partner?

Only watopia is there every day. So no matter which world they pick for a second world it won’t be there everyday.

I just checked then, if you meet up hack into Makuri Islands when it isn’t an active world the pace partners are still there. I found Bowie and Cadence all by themselves.

Makuri Islands is intended at some point in time to be a permanently available world like Watopia.

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Pace partners seemed a bit off today in Yumezi (world hack)

I was doing a workout at around 1.7 to 2.1 and found myself catching up B Brevet on the forest climb. on screen they were doing 3.3 w/kg but actually movement speed must of been more like 1.5

We’ve passed the feedback on to the internal team who can help optimize this moving forward. There is agreement that we need to work on optimizing the performance in Yumezi, but there’s no timeline currently for when the work will be completed. We will provide updates as we have them and I want to thank you again for the detailed information.


Thanks. I’m more than happy to provide further data if necessary. Essentially the hardware demands on Makuri Islands (both Yumezi and particularly Neokyo) to achieve and maintain 60fps are much, much higher than the rest of the game. I understand and appreciate that the visuals and art design are of increased quality, but we’ve effectively gone from a $200 PC being strong enough to a $2,000 PC not being strong enough. There’s something fundamentally different going on in the background, which is holding back performance.


When I rode earlier it claimed the Yumezi pace partners were all on Road to Ruins today.


I’m seeing them on their correct routes currently.

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@Aoi_Niigaki I’d really like to see another pace partner at the lower end of the power/weight range as well. 2.0 would be perfect. I find 1.5 too easy and 2.5 is a bit much for a longer ride. This would be really helpful for a lot of people: newer riders, women, older riders, etc…


We hear you Kate. In honesty, for my longer rides I tend to do 2.5 with Coco, but would prefer something a little bit lower.

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A 2.0wkg would be great. I’m sure you have data on how many Zwift era fall into each wkg brackets. The more options of pace or era would make a massive difference.

It would be great to see the Group A and B pace partners on flat routes as well as the current hilly routes. Hilly routes are great strength training but flat routes at pace are useful for FTP building and TT training. Perhaps having pace partners in 2 available worlds would be a way to achieve this, giving the rider a choice.

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You could always opt to set your trainer difficulty at 0 if you want a truly flat road feel.