Pace Partners coming to Yumezi [Novermber 30 2021]

Hey everyone - you asked for it, and we listened. Ride Pace Partners are coming to Makuri Islands on November 30 @ 17:00 UTC

Ride Pace Partners will be available in Watopia + Makuri Islands at the same time. They’ll keep the same pace as in Watopia

Run Pace Partners will remain available in Watopia only.

Ride Pace Partners will take Yumezi map routes:

A. Anquetil will ride Countryside Tour

B. Brevet will ride Chain Chomper

C. Cadence will ride Kappa Quest

D. Diesel Will ride Three Village Loop

Pace Partners continue to be a FutureWorks innovation. If you experience anything out of the ordinary in Makuri Islands while riding with the Pace Partners, please alert us here.

For more information on how to join a Pace Partner group ride, see this how-to article on the Support Hub.

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yes, awful FPS

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Hi Colin - do you have more details on what you were seeing with your FPS?

Appreciate the detail here Mike!

49fps average on a i9-9900kf paired with a RTX2080Ti

Will these routes change weekly? It would be nice to see Coco(she will always be Coco to me lol) on routes like Neon Flats, Flatland loop, Suki’s playground, flatter routes like those.


Thank @Dave_ZPCMR, not me


Still no 2w/kg pace partner? Disappointing.


Random question, but I presume they are all on standard road bikes? None of them are swapped to Cross/Gravel/Mtb?

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Hi Paul
Using a i9-900kf with a RTX2080Ti, a rig that easily gets ~ 250FPS in CS:GO and ~ 100FPS in Forza Horizon 5 (max detail settings)
What I don’t get in a relatively graphically undemanding game the CPU is constantly ‘pinned’ on 1 core @ 100% (which is causing the dropped frame-rate). It certainly isn’t the GPU which is often left idling around 30%.
A lot of comments come out of ZHQ/Zwift support that the game is optimised for all platforms, etc. That just doesn’t make any sense. I the game WAS truly optimised for good experience on low-end devices, all logic would suggest it would ‘fly’ on high-end devices. However, this is not the case.
This leads me to suggest, either the game isn’t optimised or there is some other performance issue going on. Especially on the Yamuzi/Neokyo maps, which even with the LAN disconnected (i.e. no other avatars) struggle to even hit 60FPS. This clearly is unacceptable form any POV
It would be really nice if we could have some sort of technical explanation why this is? and perhaps some sort of intelligent discussion what is being done to address the issue. As clearly, if the code is optimised for low-end platforms that would scale upwards, not downwards as appears to be the case

Thank you

A little fan view of B.Brevit last night on Makuri. Woeful performance for this rig


Good luck. I first raised this in June. :confused:


Looks great on my Apple TV, not sure what the issue :wink:

Surely 30 frames a second is enough for anyone?

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Scenario: a new world is launched by Zwift and your Apple TV runs it at 18fps, a 40% performance drop. If you want 30fps - the frame rate you’re used to and enjoy - you’d need to buy a new Apple TV costing £700.

Then someone comes along and says surely 18fps is enough for anyone.


Come on @Dave_ZPCMR at some point in that reply you must have twigged I wasn’t be serious…

Did the emoji not help?


Bugger. Well and truly snared with that one, good work. :rofl:

In fairness it does feel like the viewpoint is “what’s the least we can get away with” as you joked, rather than “how can this be better optimised?”.



fascinating route choices for bowie and coco.

No, is not. Believe it or not - my sensitive eyes do not like less than 50.