Pace Partner failed to appear

I registered a ride wirt C Cadence, but when I started riding I was just on my previously selected route in Watopia and the pace Partner and group were nowhere to be seen. I ended ride and went through the selec5and start procedure twice more and the same happened. Using Apple TV and latest app update

Hi @Bernard_Fromson7949, welcome to the forums. This is a known issue and is being worked on to fix.

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I know how it is to be stood up. :wink:

We’re hopeful that this is fixed now.

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Today it worked fine. Thanks and :crossed_fingers:

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Just had the problem. ATV 1.25.2. Second time it worked fine.

Thanks - I’ve had it once in a blue moon on my PC.

I’m mainly concerned with people not being able to get on weith PP rides at all so I’m very glad to hear that it worked second time around.

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