One more time... Android app

Hi! Could you update info about Android version release status? Can you show us any key points of schedule?

I couldn’t agree more! Subscribed yesterday, but very disappointed about the fact that nor my Samsung Galaxy S7, nor my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is supported for delivering screen output.

Tou try do tell me, that Android version is already exist, but for short list of compatible devices? When i can find more info?

No, I am not trying to tell you that. As far as I know, Android devices are not supported at all.

Zwift is still working on Android implementation, I saw an article not long ago.



Gerrie, could you paste url to the article? Sorry, but can’t find it :frowning:

Not sure what the holdup is. Just have minimum spec requirements if you don’t want to deal with the 10K different android phones out there.

Took some time:

I still prefer Zwift on my PC.

Some Zwift employees comment in this thread…