One bike, two heights of rider

I’ve got a retired damaged carbon frame on my Kickr.
My young son now wants to use the setup. He is a lot shorter and far too stretched when peddaling if we dont lower the saddle.
I dont want the hassle of changing bikes and think the seat tube will not survive us moving the seat post up and down several times a week between riders.
The seatpost is oval aero shape so not a standard diameter.
Is there some sort of adapter i can use that will let me easily move the saddle height up and down between us and not risk me trashing the frane

Probably not. A cheap steel frame would be the easiest solution. If you keep using your current bike, you should use a torque wrench on the seat binder. You can get one that’s preset to the specified torque. Assuming it’s a carbon bike, you could also use carbon paste and possibly reduce the torque required.

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Dropper post. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking::sunglasses:

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Carbon paste is a must, especially with sweat getting into that area.

Can you put a picture of the seatpost collar and I’ll give you an opinion based on my knowledge of carbon and it’s tolerances.

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put the saddle at the height for your son and you’ll just have to sit on a load of cushions when you use it :rofl:

How about a folding bike such as ?

If a dropper post is even available for the proprietary aero seatpost in this bike, it will cost as much as a basic used steel frameset, maybe an entire used bike.

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I agree. But it will be fun to quickly adjust with the dropper. :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t think that the seat post/seat tube would be damaged by moving the post up and down during the week. Unless that’s part of where the damage was that made you retire the frame in the first place. Which…if so, you probably shouldn’t be riding it on a trainer in the first place.

As Paul and Stuart have pointed out, if you use carbon paste and torque it properly (to the minimum, if there’s a range given), it shouldn’t damage it to do that frequently.

Remember to pop the torque wrench one time only. Popping it twice takes you up over the torque spec.