Seat recommendations for logber rides

Hi all

Im a heavier and taller rider (120kg, 6.4 ft) and i still havent found a saddle that wirks for longer rides. I understand the bike being static wont help, bit i dont thinks its normal to be in a smuch discomfort after 60 mins. I usually can power through rides up to 3 hours but will pay for it. Ive attahced both saddles ive bought and tried with no joy.

Any recommendations would be very welcome and appreciated.

2 things that have been recommmeded is a seat fitting (any suggestions for a place in surrey?) Or also a rocker plater?

I know saddles are personal so appreciate this is not straight forward, but uf anyone found something that has done the trick on their turbo trainer, im all ears!

Thanks all!


Try a rocker plate. As you said yourself, it’s the static position that seems to be the problem for you. It’s pointless asking which sales have helped others.

Second suggestion: great bib shorts. Assos have some with 19mm thick chamois. They aren’t cheap by anyone’s standard but they might help.


On the trainer you tend to stay seated basically all the time unlike outdoors which definitely contributes to this, so try using every opportunity (like even the smallest uphill bit) to stand up for a change.

I happened to have an old Brooks leather sofa lying around so I just made that my seat for indoors (had a matching spare seatpost for it as well to make it easier to switch).

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The saddle probably isn’t the issue, it’s the static position. Try a rocker plate - this helps massively with comfort.

I had a good saddle on my kickr bike but 2 hours was the limit. Adding the rocker plate changed that totally.

See also micro burst.


But yeah, try standing up more often first, costs nothing and all that.

Yeah, the rocker plate will help a LOT. Makes it kinda feel like you’re outside but you’re not. =)

Saddle tilt also matters a lot. I found improvement by angling the nose down a little (this after decades of level saddle). By the same token, raising the bars can help. If it does, then tilting the saddle down might let you keep the bars lower. There is no reason why a level saddle is best for your body, even if it looks best in a bike pic. Yet another reason to get professional bike fit.