On workout mode: Main ride screen .Range and target ( power , cadence )

Dear Sir,

It will be amazing if do you implement on main screen , when you are going to start training, to show as game does now , power and cadence target, also , POWER and CADENCE RANGE.

So when we are training , we can see upper and below ranges we can hit and desire target as you show now.

Many thanks

Jose Vazquez




Many people are on a smart trainer and trainer in ERG mode. You’re then fixed at target power. Range indicators wouldn’t make any sense.

I note that with the Trainerroad app that you get the target power and then a slider that changes colour the further away from target power you are. Only useful if you’re on a dumb trainer.

To be honest we’ve got enough crap on the screen now without adding any more. What Zwift desperately needs is to allow the user to customize what they have on screen.