Target Training with Slider in HUD

I want to be able to set training target ranges (e.g., RPM, watts, watts/kg, speed, cadence, HR) for a ride with a feedback slider in the HUD (Heads Up Display). It would be an addition to the existing statistics panel at the top of the HUD. The target slider could enhance the existing structured workout panel too.

For example, if my target cadence is 80 RPM +/- 5, the corresponding (crude) slider would be an addition to the bottom of the statistics panel ala:

RPM: 75 [ | | | | X | | | | ] 85

If I’m spot on at 80, X would be in the middle. As I slow down, or speed up, it floats left or right. Too slow, or too fast, and the slider flashes as an alert.

If I set a HR target, the slider is color coded with HR zones. If I set a w/kg target, the slider reflects colors of the Cat A, B, C and D power ranges. Power output uses the existing grey through red color scheme. Speed and cadence are monochrome.

In workout mode, where the power goal varies through the ride, the target slider would vary too. It would match the Workout page in the Companion app, and would be visible even when using the Map, Zwifters or Messages pages in Companion. Unlike the current HUD stats which has just the power midpoint (e.g., 205W for 6 minutes), this would include the min/max which, if respected, gets a full star for that segment.

Selecting a target type, along with mid-point and plus/minus range, should be possible via either the Zwift or Companion apps. It should also be possible to adjust in the middle of a ride.