Odd looking camera views [November 2022] [1.31]

Please get this camera issue sorted isn’t as enjoyable with this new camera view

what good are the fire socks, if i can no longer see the road on fire? :wink: hope this up close view is fixed soon. i need “back to the future”!


Can we get some update please? This bug is taking a lot of fun out of zwifting.

i have the same problem that the avatar is too close on pos. 1, strangely enough, was also normal again in freeride, but only at Richmond and in a group ride was it close again in pos1

Have experienced the same issue with Camera view 1 since the last update.
Running zwift on an iPad.

Hey team,

I reached out to support, but didn’t get anywhere before they closed the ticket.

Is there a new detault view (ie #1 on keyboard)?? as the camera has snuck up close to the back of the bike compared to the old view where you could easily see the complete rear wheel and the ground, now I can’t even see the top of the rear wheel at all.

It’s fine for riding with Robopacers, but in a race, the lack of wide view is a bit challenging!

Pics for evidence :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


This is still happening today when started riding with a pace partner. @shooj can we get an update in this please ? It actually makes riding quite unpleasant. :slightly_frowning_face:.

Same bug hit me today, it was really irritating. Essentially camera view “1” looked like camera view “2” normally does (and cmaera view “2” was the same as always - i.e. both views 1 and 2 looked like view 2 normally does).

I joined a pace bot ride at the start so that fits with the explanation given above. Really irritating bug.

I’m on ipad Pro on ios. Latest version of zwift.

UPDATE: This bug is still on the to-do list. Unpleasant as it is - there are other bugs preventing Zwifters from playing at all, and we’re prioritizing those.

Ok. Agree if people cannot ride at all then that is higher priority. Wonder if this bug has been caused by the change of the pace partner name change to pace bot…wouldn’t that change have been a really really low priority?

If I had to guess I would say the bug is related to the “pedal assist” when you join a PP or another zwifter, because it was changed in the update the bug was introduced. Previously it was affected by a feature called game_1_25_extended_pedal_asssit (yes, there’s a typo) but now, although that feature is still present, it doesn’t make any difference if the server activates it or not, you always get extra 50 seconds if you don’t start pedaling. Another difference I noticed is that now, when you join a PP, a “locating …” text appears immediately in the center of the screen (before the blue “loading…” screen).


This bug has been there fot almost a year from what I can tell. It was very intermittent at first but is there for every ride now in my case. PP, freeriding, zrl race, etc… It doesn’t seem to affect everyone the same but likely something with our profiles.
My son can ride at the same time as me with no issue. I’ll log in and start a ride on his device right after and I’m stuck in that view.

The workaround I use at the moment is, to see what route the Pace Partner or Robo Pacer rides and I select the route as a free ride. Then do a U-turn and warm up until I meet the group and do a U-turn again to join them, that way you stay on the same route.
It is not a problem to join the Partner riding Volcano circuit, but can be a longer proces for Big foot hills or other longer routes.

Having the same issue here. Hope they take a “closer” look into this problem soon

Good news: they’ve already said it’ll be fixed in the next major update.
Bad news: another couple of weeks yet.

i have a problem with camera 2,avatar is too close to the screen,i ve deleted the zwift and did the new install the app,the same thing,i ve changed to the defult settings,the same thing,i ve change the camera view,press number 2 and then number 0 and the same thing nothing,and also put the screen on the full screen and again nothing-it s the BUG in the sistem,i hope soon for the fix update,go programers go go :):):slight_smile:

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Hey yall
Since a couple of weeks, when i join robopacers from the home screen my camera angle gets stuck zoomed in. This only happens with rp, and only fixes itself with quitting the application. Sometimes it stays like that though. Anyone got a fix or workaround? Zwift pls fix, it annoys the ■■■■ out of me on a 3h z2 ride.

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UPDATE December 7
This bug has been addressed in Zwift game version 1.32.0, which just released. Please update at your earliest convenience.