Odd image appears quickly during launch

(Aaron) #1

Has anyone noticed an odd image that appears very quickly between the Zwift splash screen and the login screen while Zwift is launching on Android? I assume it’s a bug. I’m curious what it is. I have attached a screen shot of it that I managed to capture.

(Vincent) #2

Hey Twenty, does this happen every time you launch Zwift on Android?

(Aaron) #3

Yes. And I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to make sure it wasn’t just an anomaly. For what its worth, I’m using a Samsung S7 Edge with latest updates.

(Vincent) #4

Thanks for the details! Will send and review with the Android development team.

(Stephen) #5

I have noticed the same thing too. I also use a Samsung S7. Only since the last update I think.

(Aaron) #6

This was fixed with the Guest World update.