Number of Riders on OTHER SIDE

I order to avoid having to turn around on Watopia to see how many riders are active on the opposite side that you are riding on … In the Riders Nearbye panel on the Zwift Game, it could display the number of riders on the other side … Also on the Mobile App you could actually let us look at the names of all of the riders on the other side too …

Good suggestion, here. It’s planned :slight_smile:

K.C. Since the update the small profile map in top right corner now shows riders approaching on the other side as little orange pointers, also the map underneath shows overall placement of the riders close to your position as little grey almost transparent dots. So there are indicators now.

Just speculating here, but if more complex routes become an option in the future (some ability to turn at junctions) would the idea of the “other side” make sense?  Maybe the right approach is to show something like “30 riders nearby, 75 total”.  Nearby might be a threshold of within 2 minutes ahead or behind.