Notification when Apple TV Zwift platform gets an update

It would be useful to see when ATV app gets updated (just like the PC-based version). I assume re-calibration is a good idea whenever Zwift installs a new version (am I right about this?). Also, just nice to know that something might have changed in the software… so a notice and even better a pointer to read what has changed would be a nice feature.

I agree it would be useful on startup to see an info message that the app has updated and the short description of the update.

On ATV there is already the “notification” when any app updates - you will see the usual blue dot next to the app name, as you would on an iOS device.

Just learned you can view atv update info by going to app store/ purchased apps. Who knew :blush:

@David_Kindler that is also the way to force an update when the ATV lags in auto applying it. If you know there is an update but the ATV didn’t automatically download it.

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