Not very clear

Today I participated in a ride from “Zwift Rides Scotland Riders”
50 km, 2 laps for all kind of levels
I am a beginner so I am in the E group and in this group (as far as I remember) the range for the E group was from 1 to 5w/kg (correct me if I’m wrong).
I almost always ride with the E-group of the Pack-club 1,5 Beginners Ride. For me this is about my level so I thought I would not have any problem following with the riders in de “Scotland-group”.
Finally I ended up last with nobody around me (have to look for my HR which was way too high all the time)… how can this be, since riders with a a level 1w/kg can join the event…
Do I misunderstand the idea behind this “all-level-events”?
I must mention that some riders gave me a helping hand…
I don’t critisize the event… I only search for an explanation… and to know what groups I should join in the future

The E category is basically an open category for all levels.

Whereas the pack ride is advertised as a beginners ride the Scotland one is more open and is about the distance.

Within this ride you will have all levels and abilities, eventually you would drop back and find people around your level.

Airways best to read the event description as this will give an idea as to whether it’ll be more around the advertised pace or end up in a race.

Try enduring a few D cat rides and see how you get on.

Don’t be discouraged from entering events, you’ll find regular events where you can be comfortable.