Normalized Power for women/lightweight riders: Please fix the background colors

While reviewing data for a race I noticed that the lightweight riders don’t generate a colored bar for their Normalized Power field in the same way heavy riders do. Example, a 49kg rider with a NP of 200W, over 4 W/Kg, will have a clear background while an 80kg rider at the same 4 W/Kg will have partial red.

Not a big deal, just something to consider during your free time. :wink:

Thanks for ZP- it is a fantastic tool and an important part of the Zwift experience.

do you have an example? i typically generate a large NP and i am lightweight. it works the same way for light riders as heavy riders

if your NP is similar to your actual power for the duration of the event then you can expect low variance. but if you were to say, average 150w for an event, but generate an NP of 230+, it would be well into the red.

like so:

Perhaps it is more of an issue for the women. I only looked at about 7 riders from the current Flamme Rouge Racing results. I’m an ~80kg male so I don’t really know.

biologically speaking, usually it’s the case. the ability to generate a high NP is usually a result of a strong focus on the sprint. light people in general tend to assume they are not sprinters just by virtue of their physiology. but a female track sprinter like olena starikova or road sprinter lorena weibes are both absurdly strong for their size, so it’s not unheard of.

pidcock and bryan coquard come to mind for lightweight male cyclists who can turn in a strong sprint