Nordic Track S22i

Please provide zwift for the Nordic Track S22i. I couldn’t find any zwift compatible trainers than would support a riders/bike weight of 330 lbs. So, I had to go with a S22i which has a max rider weight of 350 lbs. It is a great bike and it needs to be paired with a great program / community. Regards ----Tom

I think it only has a Bluetooth receiver and does not broadcast at all::

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That is true. However, the iFit program is Android base. I would think an app could be written to connect with zwift. It connects over wifi. All the power, HR, Elev, … is available online after the ride.

How would it communicate with Zwift in real time? It does not broadcast watts or cadence in Bluetooth or ANT+. Yes, your data is available online after the ride because it is stored locally and then uploaded to the iFIT servers. The compatibility would need to come from NordicTrack, not Zwift.

I think your only option are a pedal based power meter or left-side only crank arm power meter.


The Bowflex C6 is rated to 330 pounds, does broadcast watts in Bluetooth and does connect to Zwift:

I think it is communicating real time? All classes, road rides, etc send power and elevation changes to the bike over the internet. Also you can map any roads in the world with google maps and it send power, elevation, and street view to the bike as you ride alone. I think there is to much data for a single download.

It’s not broadcasting though, it just getting that data from the internet. Zwift would need a real-time broadcast of the watts to move the avatar in-game and from what I have read on that bike is that it just has a Bluetooth receiver.

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Thomas, I have a proform tour de france bike that I bought in 2014. Like yours, mine connects to the iFit ecosystem. I now have it connected to Zwift. Like your bike, it only transmits data via WiFi. An amazing computer savvy user of a Proform TDF bike has written software that connects my proform to Zwift and allows full SIM and ERG mode. Your bike is not on a supported list of bikes, but try version 3 demo version of this software called proform TDF data bridge. I cannot include the link in this post, but would love to hear if it works for you. You will need a computer and two ANT+ sticks. Demo not working with bluetooth (yet).