Noob Question: Using Road Bike for Dirt Destroyer Plan?

I’m new to Zwift. I am a mtb rider, but am using a road bike on my Tacx Smart trainer. Gearing is 50/34 on Cranks with an 11/28 Cassette. Is it okay to use this gearing on MTB specific training plans like Dirt Destroyer or Singletrack Slayer?

I’m no expert but from what I understand this is where the ‘trainer difficulty’ settings will help you.
If you find you are ‘spinning out’ then increase the difficulty until you find the ‘ sweet spot’.

I hope others can confirm this or actually give you better advise/info.

Or obviously I’d you are finding it too hard reduce the difficulty.

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Thanks Andy. Will start the training plan and see how it goes playing around with difficulty settings.

That shouldn’t matter when using ERG mode on a smart trainer.

I think you will be fine using the road bike for this training plan. Gearing should not make a difference with ERG mode enabled.


Yeah, Mike. Slowly figuring things out. Beginning to understand how ERG mode works in workouts. I think I’ll be fine with road bike gearing.