No pictures upload

Hello everyone, every time I complete an activity in Zwift from my Windows PC and save it, before quitting, I upload the images I took during the activity (F10 to take the screenshots). None of these images are automatically uploaded to my activity in Zwift and obviously there is no way to upload them later. Obviously also on Strava I can’t see the images. Zwift ingame settings are correct and I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it several times.
If I nagivate to C:\Users\myusername\Images\Zwift I can see all the taken screenshots but, as said, there is no automatic upload when saving, I can see both with or without statistics and metrics (*.jpg or *_clean.jpg) and I can upload them on Strava manually without any problem but I can’t understand why the automatic upload on “my activities feed” on Zwift .com and in Zwift companion as well is not working anyomore. I can see the correct Activity, all my received RIDE ONs, time and statistics but no images in it.
Is anyone there who can help me?

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