No need to change gears during group ride. Normal?

I have a Wahoo Kickr V5 and AppleTv 4K.
Did a group ride today. No workout.
When I came to a hill, I expected to have to change gears and pedal harder, but that didn’t happen. It didn’t feel like I started climbing. I had the same cadence and approximately the same resistance, I just saw that my speed went down. So essentially my flywheel kept the same speed during climbs, flats or downhills. Only the virtual speed on Zwift changed.
Last week I climbed VenTop, and then I almost had to ride on my smallest gear during the whole climb. That felt normal.
Anyone has the same experience/issue?
Is this normal behaviour?

It sounds as though either your trainer is not paired as ‘Controllable’ or that your ‘Trainer Difficulty’ slider is somewhere down around 0.

It was paired as controllable and slider is at 100.

It may have been “paired” but it wasn’t communicating. On the Kickr, I believe the blue light needs to blink every 5 seconds or so. So check that. You should have noted a significant difference if things are all connected

So tried Hilly Loop just now. Everything was connected and climbs felt as climbs.
Then I unpaired my ‘controllable’ and did Hilly Loop again. And then I had the same behaviour as yesterday. Same wattage, no difference in feel, but slowing down on a climb.
So Mark (and Nigel) you are absolutely right. :grin:
But what now? When my Zwift shows controllable is paired, how do I know it will communicate in my group ride?

I have to look at that blue light to make sure it’s blinking. I always need to do a short ride to make it’s all set up before I join a group ride. Sometimes it’s fine out of the gates. Other times I need to unplug the trainer give it 5seconds and then plug it back it. If anyone else has a better solution, I’m all ears.

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