No more Sync. to Strava

Hello, Since 3 weeks, when finishing training and saving to Strava, I do not see my rides popping up anymore on Strava-page. I do train with both computer Garmin 1030 and save it there, so it is synchr. to Garmin connect. At the same time, I usually had my rides saved through Zwift, publishing it on my Strava page. I erased all former connections between Strava, Zwift and Garmin and restarted connection, reconfirming data-access for both Connect and Strava, but Strava does not appear anymore. When checking on the used apps in Strava, I do see it is connected with Zwift. Any idea why the rides are not showing up ? According to my Garmin data, I do connect between my Garmin computer and my Wahoo Kickr because then the bikecomputer detects the kms I ride. Before I used to connect the Garmin 1030 with my Stages powermeter in the crank, but this gave me zero meter rides on Garmin Connect. Another problem is that I do use both programs (Strava and Garmin Connect) for trainingstatus, and that the Zwift-data synchronized to Garmin Connect does not mention % aerobe and anaerobe training, so there is no measurement of traing-intensity whats however. Therefore, measurement through the Garmin 1030 is necessary. It works perfectly (except for non similar milages between Zwift and Garmin). So, now only the Strava-data has to pop-up again automatically to make measurement on both programs perfect. It did work before… Help ?!

Try disconnecting Strava & reconnecting it … that often fixes this kind of problem.

… As I explain… Did that but no result.