No more Big Mig?

Seems like Zwift has all but killed off Big Mig as a robopacer on Tempus? It was surprisingly popular.

We could do with a faster pacer than Constance to give more variety.

How about a 4.8w/kg 65kg bot that does loops of ADZ and Epic KOM only? Would that be fast enough for you? Maybe also a 4.2w/kg 60kg bot as well doing the same.

Every time I suggest different, mountainous routes for the Robopacers there is a chorus of criticism and outrage about that kind of variety. Everyone prefers to stay on flat routes only and nobody wants lighter robopacers because they’ll have push much more uphill. (shrugs).

That said BigMig was fun, but painful for a light rider like me - especially when Mrs Dot at 7.5w/kg was towing BigMig along.