No Credit riding up Mount Ventoux

So I rode the C.A. ride in week 6 of Build Me Up in France on the Roule Ma Poul. When I completed that workout at 23km I continued to ride up Mount Ventoux adding another hour and half to the ride. There is an intersection on Roule Ma Poul that takes you up the climb. Weird thing is that I got no credit for climbing Ventoux. It was really disappointing to cross the line at the summit and no confetti or great job no 420 XP. Any way, not only did I not get credit for the climb, I also did not get credit for completing the training plan work out in build me up. Third time this week I have not gotten credit for my Build Me Up Plan. At least my legs know what I rode.

you have to choose the ven-top route from the menu to get the route achievement badge, you can’t get it making manual turns off of another route.

Good call. Good workout regardless.