Newbie question: Should I use "training" right out of the gate?

(Ben Feist) #1

Hi all,
Apologies for the newbie question. I’m a long time rider, new to Zwift. I’ve been off the bike for the past 6 months (no excuses) and am just getting back into it. I’d like to use the training functionality in Zwift, but I’m not sure if I should be starting that from zero, or if I should get a foundation of fitness in place first? Advice?


(Jeff Lawn) #2

All of the training/workouts scale off of your FTP. Since all the training scales off of your FTP you cant go wrong either way.

I would personally pick a training program that is only a couple weeks just to help get your legs back under you after 6 months off versus something like the grand fondo training.

(Daren) #3

My view is that “a foundation of fitness” itself requires training. And just riding Zwift is training, particularly if you actually push yourself a bit. There are several training plans that assume you’re a beginner IIRC.

May be worth reading through this archived thread that asks more or less the same question (although note it’s from before the forum moved and support changed, so some of the links are now broken):