New Zwifter. Running out of gear and calibration questions

1) I was in my first “group ride” workout today and I ran out of gearing with a 50/11 combo. The workout was 190w/220w/250w

190w=27mph (ACTUAL Rear Wheel Speed) @94rpm

220w=35mph (ACTUAL Rear Wheel Speed) @98rpm

260w=39mph (ACTUAL Rear Wheel Speed) @107rpm

This is accurate in that Sheldon Browns Gear Calculator gives a 36.5mph speed with 50/11 @ 100rpm

I am guessing with Group Workout this was a drafting situation?? What are you observing? 

I am on 100% Trainer Difficulty in Zwift Menu

**2)**I have my Stages Power Meter paired to my Kickr Snap. 

Is there a reason to calibrate Kickr still?

Thanks in advance


Something not right. If you’re doing a workout (in ERG mode) then you stay in one gear and the trainer will alter resistance to give you the specified power target.

There is no drafting in group workouts.  The speed of the rear wheel on a smart trainer on Zwift is irrelevant.

Assuming you have ERG mode selected in the settings then you need to zero offset your Stages PM. Zwift then power matches it to the Snap.

The 100% difficulty setting is for riding Zwift in Sim mode. Has no effect in workout mode. Google it to get an explanation. I have mine set to 40%.

well if it  “group ride” workout, you all go the same speed ( that is new thing)    and on the ERG mode it lock you in at Watts if you spin at 100rpm or 50rpm you still being doing 200watts, it just hold you to it.