New Zwift Menus. Join Friend?

Since i got the new Zwift Menu i can not join a friend who is already cycling. At least i did not found that well known feature from the past.

I would appriciate if that will be possible again or if someone gives me a hint how it still works

It’s missing from the new home screen. Hopefully be returning soon.

There was a work around that if you change the language to something other than english you still get the old home screen and so can join as you did before.

Not sure if this still works though

Worth noting that aside from moving some of the tiles around, literally nothing appears to have changed in over seven months since it was first previewed.

Eric even mentioned the fact that route info is missing from the available events. Seven months (and counting) not being long enough to address such a fundamental and obvious flaw is less than promising.


I have no idea why they can’t just add a tab next to the world and workout selection that takes you to the old style zwifiting now list just until they sort something more permanent out.

they must still be able to as it is still there for the old home screen. It is something a lot of people seem to want and some people solely use zwift to ride with friends.

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Not sure what your setup is.
I run Zwift on both Laptop and iPad Air2. The iPad Air2 is still operating under the old Home Screen, I’m not sure for how long, so if you have an older iPad this might be a possible option for you. (Not ideal I know )

It won’t be for long. The rollout will be complete soon.

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Any sollution to this yet?
It’s been quite some time and i STILL CAN’T JOIN MY FRIENDS…
I’m getting really frustrated here.

The feature has not returned yet. Here’s the latest news: