New World coming this Fall!

(Zee Kryder) #1

In the soon-to-be released Episode 50 of the Zwiftcast, you will hear that a few people have seen the ‘new world’ coming to Zwift. It will be released sometime after the World’s course. I think mid October is probably the target, especially with the Innsbruck release until the world Championships not to mention the Academy which runs from September into October.

I don’t have inside information. I like surprises.

What’s your guess?

Here’s my guess.

(Nigel Doyle) #2

The podcast has been out a couple of days. Check out the Facebook group Zwift Hype. There’s been some hints the new course is Central Park New York. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a world targetted at runners. If I was a runner I would find the current worlds pretty boring and not really suited to running.

(Zee Kryder) #3

I don’t think Central Park would have broad appeal.

I think some are expecting Kona, a land for triathletes.

But, there is a large market for growth in Asian lands with Zwift.

For now, I’m excited for the World’s Course. It seems to be missing the Gnadenwald climb, which could play a major factor in the real world.

thanks for the info.


(Joe Daknis) #4

If it *is* Central Park and it’s implemented _before _the ability to easily choose your own ‘world’?  [eyeroll] 

just sayin’…  

(Fusion) #5

Olympus Mount of Mars with a height of 25km.

Now that’s a volcano.

(Andre Hufschmid) #6

Guys, please make world selection available before you add any new world. What i sure dont want is to be stuck in London, Richmond and possibly Central Park, all Flat Courses for 1/2 of the month. There is no more Flat course needed. Tons of roads are out there. Instead something hilly should be added. I sure dont need another boring Richmond kind of world.

(Zee Kryder) #7

Well, it has been confirmed, New York City and Central Park.

Are there cyclists who live in the fresh air and country settings who want to bike in a city? More buildings and streets like Richmond? I didn’t see any hills in New York.

The only saving grace would be a Madison Square Velodrome (which was the center of the sports world in the early 1900’s)

I don’t hear of much excitement, other than joggers. Flat…City…I’m bored already.

At least there’s Innsbruck coming.

(Andre Hufschmid) #8

I am not against adding flat roads but you could add it to an existing one. Adding another flat and boring world means theres even more days where climbers are set to the side. Every world features tons of flats, so why not add a pure mountain world, something in the alps or pyrenees. Please add course selection cause future looks unpleasant if you arent a flatty.

(S. M.(C)) #9

Well NYC is a let down … I was more excited by the screen grab above or a futuristic course or something totally different this just seems like a huge letdown for anyone other than maybe runners

(S. M.(C)) #10

Oh and if this company can do it why can’t zwift

(Zee Kryder) #11

interesting. what’s the one that looks like GTA with game style roads?

I know someone who suggested that for a Zwift Gameland world.