New Workout: Lambert Submaximal Cycle test (LSCT)

I’ve searched the forum and Workouts but can find this test.

Can you please create a new Workout?
The Lambert Submaximal Cycle test (LSCT).
This test can be used to find the optimal balance between the training workload and the recovery period, so that training effects and adaptations are maximized.

As I interpret the Basic principles on how to perform the LSCT it should be something that Zwift can perfectly adopt / incorporate in the Workouts.
The total duration of the LSCT is 17 minutes, during which time subjects are asked to cycle at intensities which elicit target heart rates of 60% (stage 1), 80% (stage 2) and 90% (stage 3) of their maximum heart rate (HRmax). With an adapted ERG mode you could change the Wattage so you can keep the HeartRate (HR) perfectly level for the needed period.

It’s right on the same level as the FTP test. But with a different goal/result.

Can you please look into this a create this test as a Workout?

If you select “Training” and then “create your own” you’ll be able to build this yourself

There is a guide on Zwift Insider which should help

I know how to create a custom Workout. The big difference is that Zwift is limited to %FTP and Watts.
The request I make is to “ERG” on heart rate. So Zwift would have to change the power to match an average projected Heart Rate. This is not possible yet.

As you point out @El_Frigo this is something that Zwift will not be able to do.

One other issue is the timer stops when you come to a standstill. The final element of LSCT involves no movement whatsoever… I find that when I stop pedalling, the timer in Zwift stops and then ride recording stops. So the recovery you’re trying to measure isn’t measureable.

So my request should be adapted from a specific workout, to a request for ERG mode on HeartRate (HR) (like currently is possible for wattage).