New turbo trainer tips please

 My tacx I flow is now broken (pre joining zwift)  , I’m looking to replace it with a tacx or other brand type up to £250.  I’m no had core racer, so bells and whistles not needed…anyone suggest a reliable and compatible trurbo please…thanks 

That’s actually an easy one as there’s pretty much just one trainer in that price rage and that’s the Tacx Flow Smart - £200 at Halfords.

Hey Mark, How much is kickr snap over the? it good  trainer.

Kickr Snap is irrelevant as it’s double the OPs budget.

Bkool pro is very good and not too expensi ruve

Thanks guys I’ll look in to your suggestions…

Find a decent second hand model on ebay. You’ll get a Tacx Vortex for that sort of price. Good reviews all round from the likes of DC RainmakerVikao & BikeRadar.

Got one myself on the cheap second hand and it’s been a quality buy.