New to Zwift - run/treadmil set up

What hardware do I need to use Zwift Run?  I have a Garmin 735XT and wondering what I needed to use Zwift Run.  I also have a Garmin Edge 25 Bike Computer.  Will that work for use on Zwift Ride?  Need help! Cheers in advance.

There is a great document on this in the Zwift Runners Group on Facebook, plus a lot more info.

I use a milestone foot pad and CooSpoo HRM and AppleTV 4K ultra on a 47” UHD TV that’s on the wall in front of my bike and treadmill. 

Turbo trainer is a Tacx Neo and Treadmill is a Nordic track commercial unit. 

Fantastic exeperience for when I can’t get on the road. 

Hi Laura.  To get the basics, you would need something to look at.  Ie: Tv hooked to a computer.  Iphone or Ipad.  You will need an ANT + sensor for your computer or laptop.  

My wife uses the Garmin foot pod on her running shoe.  This tells zwift you are running.  

For your bike, you will need at least a speed and cadence sensor to pair with ANT +. and an indoor trainer for the bike.

Is it possible that the foot pod in the photo can work with Zwift?

mobile action i- gotu jump footpod POD-30 multi action activity tracker