New team race mode

For a while now, I have the perfect race-gamemode for Zwift in mind. In my opinion Zwift races today have a high preference on which kind of rider you are (TT, Climber, Sprinter). Most of the time in a race, multiple of these rider classes are needed. There is no need to specialize in one of them three. Another bump in the road is the lacking of possibilities of working together as a team during these races. You can’t really keep your sprinter out of the wind for example, it’s all by yourself if you make it.

For this I came up with the perfect zwift gamemode that is well needed: Building challenge.

In this gamemode you have 2 teams, who both have a base. From that base 3 paths are aligned to 3 different spots: wood, stone and metal. The goal of the game is to build your house as quickly as possible. For that to happen lets say both teams need 2,000 units each (so wood, stone and metal) to bring in their base. But to get those units, there are 3 kinds of roads: one uphill (light climber), one downhill(heavy climber) and one flat (sprinter) who only opens 500 units each 5 minutes. Then after the units are brought into the base work is needed to process all those units, the higher the wattage from the people at the house, the more can be processed at a certain time(TT people). At the base each player can reset their next destination by the compagnion app.

I have many more ideals or specifics for this game (for instants choose a different bike, who can carry more, but is heavier or less aero), but for you to read this, I will keep it short.

I feel like this is a perfect community game, and would be even better if clubs exist. It would encourage everybody to use and improve their strengths, and it is a team effort instead of solo victory. I hope you are as excited about this as I am.

Please let me know what you think of it,

love the inventiveness…I am astounded that training on the turbo has developed into this!! Well done.

I don’t understand what you are saying.“Building challenge”?
The subject said “team racing.”
Why not have three riders using a team mode where only one rider is truly racing at a time (like a Madison race.) The team has a sprinter, a climber and maybe two others. The captain or coach can ‘switch’ the rider powering the team avatar. So you use one rider for most of the kom climb, switch to your sprinter for the banner and just beyond, then switch to another rider who is fresh.Lots of primes means lots of switching. Wouldn’t be too hard, especially if they are all at an arena for a performance event.
I’m sorry I didn’t get your concept, I’ve read it two or three times.
Is my idea appealing as a team concept?