New Tacx or PowerCrank?

(W Lokers (Les Paul Sunburst)) #1

Im running a non supported I-Magic Tacx trainer on Zwift and I’m thinking about an upgrade.

Question is: What would be better to buy, a new Tacx Bushido or a Quark PowerCrank for my bike?

Anyone tips or ideas?

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #2

If you want to do structured workouts, go with a smart trainer. If you want to do mainly Zwift races, use a non-smart trainer with a power meter.

(Matt Canna) #3

You don’t need a smart trainer to do structured workouts you just need to have will power LOL.

What i will say though, is if you plan on using the powermeter for pacing outdoors, then get a quark, then you can essentially use any trainer.

If your planning on using a wide variety of bikes on the trainer, get the trainer.

(Bruce Law UCI 66) #4

I had a similar dilemma with a Tacx Flow. I went for the smart trainer.

The resistance control is really a game changer.

Using a classic or an un-supported trainer with a power meter won’t let you fully appreciate the Zwift, and other FE-C sites, experience. 

As a training tool, a smart trainer is the way to go. I find it easier to respond to the applied resistance of a workout than changing gears and trying to find a cadence that works while I generate the specified wattage with a classic trainer. With a smart trainer, the resistance is there regardless of what cadence I choose.

As an entertainment source, Zwift is so much more fun with a smart trainer than with a ‘dumb’ trainer, especially the new mountain extension.

A buddy of mine bought the Elite Qubo Digital B+ and loves it. I have a Genius Smart so I can still use TTS and RLV. The Elite price is fantastic. You might be able to afford a smart trainer and a power meter like the Powertap peddles.

That’s my 2 cents worth.


(Hugh Colvin) #5

Hello Bruce,


How’s the experience been with the Genius Smart? I have one that arrived DOA and I’m wavering between replacement vs return for another brand. It seems that Tacx, on paper, has the best all around smart trainers, but internet forums are rife with stories of problems with these. It seems to me anyway, more so than the normal internet forum complaining. I’m looking for reassurance from happy Tacx owners.


BTW for OP, I just got a BePro pedal based power meter and it is a real nice option if you’re looking for a power meter that you can switch between bikes. You can also get one of these and a smart trainer for close to the price of a quark.

(Bruce Law UCI 66) #6

Hugh C, I have seen those complaints too. The Tacx forum and others are full of disaster stories with the trainers and the Tacx Training Software.

I had a slight issue with the trainer where if I paused then restarted, it seems like I was pedaling squares. If I got the cadence and power up, it would resolve itself. Tacx tech support were very quick with response and sent a firmware upgrade. Problem solved.

The TTS software has been flawless. Not really relevant if we are talking Zwift. 

I don’t know what the circumstances have been surrounding the complaints, but my experience has been excellent and I’d buy another Tacx trainer. In fact, I’m thinking I might get a Neo later this year.

That said, I have a buddy who bought an Elite Qubo Digital B+ and really likes it. The one downside of that trainer is the power from the Elite is way off the power from his Quarq. He uses his Quarq as the power source in Zwift. There is a way to calibrate the Elite, but it doesn’t sound particularly easy.

Calibrating the Genius is super easy. Pump tire to 8 bar, ride at about 125W for 5 minutes, calibrate. Done. Before each ride, I pump the tire to 8 bar and ride. I have tested this approach by checking calibration after 5 minutes now and again and it has ALWAYS been dead on. 



(Hugh Colvin) #7

Thanks Bruce, that is reassuring.


I wonder if these units must be somewhat susceptible to damage during shipping. Maybe a change in the packaging might reduce the out of the box problems.

(Bruce Law UCI 66) #8

What was the problem with yours? Did it not even power up?

(Hugh Colvin) #9

Makes this horrible clicking noise. Will power up, but half the time no lights. Ultimately the cylinder completely froze up.


Tacx said a bearing problem and the brake unit needs to be replaced. they punted to the seller and I’m trying to work it out with them.

(Bruce Law UCI 66) #10

Strange a new machine would be like that. I can understand your reservation, “once bitten, twice shy.”

(David Merrill (55+ OFG)) #11

Zwift with a Kickr seems like a great setup to me - I’ve used that setup for two Zwift winters now rather than using the power meter on my bike and very much enjoy Zwift controlling the difficulty, needing to gear accordingly, etc. Just feels more like riding outdoors than climbing hills by generating alot of power via harder gears (using the power meter’s reading). I guess the downside is being able to have the power meter outside.