New scenery on the island thread

It’s high time for a thread about the scenery!


I’m not sure how long it’s been growing but the weeds at the bottom of the big biker sculpture are getting a bit out of control! Bust out the Roundup!


And it looks like there are a few businesses on the pier…maybe a nice bar out there? You can really see it at the bottom of the hill when you ride in reverse. Kinda makes me think “yeah, a beer would be GREAT just about now…”



I’m sure the observatory on the top of the hill is new.

I looked for it today…but I’m kinda blurry eyed at the top LOL. Maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hey, here it is, across from the gondola thing (or is it a mine?)

Expansion coming soon, it says!

Cool! I wonder what they have in store for us?

I’m sure you guys saw the blimp today…

This isn’t on the island…but what are these posts RIGHT IN THE ROAD doing there!!! I almost hit on every lap!

No pictures but did you guys see the snow on the trees a few days ago? And the Santa blimp today, very cool!


Still wonder what those posts are though…

Christmas Trees!



So much new stuff hit yesterday…it might be awhile to digest it all!

New lanes near the pier now…and the rumor is the mountain loop will be here in a few weeks :slight_smile:

This is not new scenery but, going in the opposite direction on a busy road is dangerous. :slight_smile:


First she was al over the road and then went up the wrong side of the road, pretty funny to see. I am just glad there was no accident.


And she’s from the US too…you might expect that if she were from some other country <cough> <UK> <cough>

Ride right, let’s all stay safe out there :slight_smile:

Man the mountain loop is just spectacular! Awesome job!!