New "Portal Race", it not really bug, fake ending to race

so this new Portal race fake ending top of the climb lot of riders drop out of the race. think the race was over. youtube video show going from 14 to 4 in race. it say you did it. fact you have not done the race.

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I saw that race on the schedule because suddenly the route filter is full of climb portal names, and then there was this race for “Climb Portal - Volcano” or something. I wasn’t really sure what to think about it, I thought there weren’t any events on the portal.
That finish was confusing, though. It’d be nice if that could get cleaned up.

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Seems like the race distance is listed as 9km which is the part outside the portal. Whatever happens inside the portal isn’t added to the race distance and there’s no race progress bar on the HUD while in the portal.

When you enter the portal you can see the progress bar is just past the lead-in point and 2.2km is on the counter. When you come out of the portal the progress bar is still only just past the lead-in point and you have completed nearly 29km.

That 27km inside the portal isn’t reflected on the progress bar.

I wonder, is the climb able to be set by the race organisers or is it just whatever climb is active on the day? So one day you could be doing a short 2km climb, the next a 14km one. Sounds like an event where you’d really need to do your own research before joining (ie looking up what climb is active on race day).

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