New pc with 12100F / 1660 ti only seeing 25-30fps

One thing I must recommend before posting on the ZPCMR group is to find the Files tab and read the info on the Nvidia settings, Ultimate guide, etc. before asking any questions. It’s possible your question is answered there. People who do not read the FAQs are not well received.

(Edit: also do state the exact make/model of the display if you ask about that)


In fairness a lot of the answers are actually there. But either way by files and/or knowledgeable peeps its a good group for PC use for Zwift.


Found a lot of info on that facebook group…! Really good tip! Before posting there i will try to experiment with fps cap, 50hz setting instead of 60, gpu accelration on sauce, and increasing priority on the zwift process.

Was tempted to just buy a 14600kf thats on discount here now for 320$, but seeing people are seeing this rubberbanding on å lot of really powerful systems I think Ill rather save the money for bike parts.
This pc was put together from used parts except mb, and cost me ~350$ in total.

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Definitely don’t bother with the 14th Gen. Without getting all technical it’s pretty much a slightly accelerated 12th Gen and will offer little to no advantage for Zwift.


zwift is gonna run the same as it does for you now on pretty much anything, the difference between a 12100f 1060 3gb and a 12700f 4070 is that the 4070 can run zwift poorly in 4k as well as 1440p instead of just 1440p

haha - well, small update here.
I found a very low priced 3060ti with broken hdmi and bought it. It does hdmi 2.1 over passive dp-hdmi cable no problem. Seems a great replacement for the 1660ti. That made a huge difference! Now its pretty much rock steady at 60fps in 4k, even in a pacer group.
And I did not see any rubberbanding now ! :partying_face:

Log file from last night. (still not allowed to post links, so added spaces )
https:// zwiftalizer . com /public/bc76362a-8b2d-4cfb-978a-da2ce9fd8c92

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i’m glad that you were able to gain a couple of FPS by upgrading to a 3060ti but let me amend the original statement to include the part that i left unsaid: “pretty much anything that isn’t total overkill”. zwift really shouldn’t need a 3060ti. just a few patches ago, you would have gotten better performance with your 1660 than you’re currently getting with that 3060

…sad but true. If they just fixed the rubberbanding issue, I would be perfectly happy with the framrate on the 1660ti also! Upgrade to 3060ti will cost me less than 100$ once I sell the 1660ti , so totally worth it.


man, my actual zwift pc has a 1060 in it. i don’t even wanna run that one through zwiftalizer. ignorance is bliss haha

I run Zwift with a 1650Ti on my laptop without any problems alongside a 10750H

I’m guessing not in 4K though?

No, never seen the point for something like Zwift

Zwift support is working on it.

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If running on a laptop screen, or small computer monitor then of course you can get away with much weaker GPU. With a 4k 43" or larger TV right in your face, imperfections gets really revealing. I find that jaggies show up more than I would like even at 4k. So why not get it as good as possible. I’m investing many hours on the trainer, so might as well make it as enjoyable as possible.
I could probably live fine with a framerate of 30fps and be quite happy. I find that framerate less of a difference than 1080p vs 4k. But 60 do have noticable smoother motion. And of course, not having issues like rubberbanding is important for me.


well, it loads, and it doesnt crash, usually. which is nice. but like morten, i’m racking up a solid 400+ hours on zwift a year so i would really like it to at least run half as well as what should be the most technically demanding games out there do on the hardware i have. i’m not trying to get up on a soap box about it or anything though. it is what it is