New maps

Can we have new maps please

suggestions include

  • new york and central park
  • central paris
  • disneyworld florida
  • Egyptian pyramids
  • New Zealand hobbiton
  • Sydney Harbour


You are actually asking for new Worlds.

That is a big deal and a lot of work.

I’m sure there is some of that coming in the future and I have heard talk of further expansions to the existing worlds.


For a map, there are PDF files you can down load.

I used to keep a print out of Watopia by my bike but now I use the Zwiftmap Hack and it has replaced the paper map.

Now that I know the worlds pretty well, I don’t need the map as much as before.

where are those pdf files of the maps? do they show when there are a choice of turns what those turns will lead to meaning elevation?

The PDF is at:

But it has not been updated since the Mayan Jungle update but it is still good.

But really, download the the Zwift map Hack and the shows where you are on the course and you can choose to turn which ever way you want.

It’s kind of like following your GPS device on the real road.

You wont use the paper map as much but it is nice to have the paper map of kind of a travel brochure to tell generally whats where.

The map hack is displayed on your screen and you can size it and move it where ever you want it.

You can make the map transparent but the roads still show.


Alright  !!!


Zwift could leverage the enthusiasm of it’s users. With an upload of say, a gpx of the courses ridden around Aust for nats, users could build up the course graphics etc themselves. Someone at Zwift signs off on it and voila.  “Cheap” labor does the job.

Is it a lot of work for new worlds?  I’m assuming you’re not basing your efforts on GIS 3D models commonly developed and employed by municipalities, states, countries and the gaming & movie industries?  The 3D point clouds exist out there in droves.