New Giant Gravel Crushers race series. Looks fun!

@JamesBailey When will the Cat D EMEA League Table be updated? It only shows me as doing 2 races, yet I’ve raced 7. Only missed Week 3 Race 2 because I didn’t have enough time to finish Race 1.

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I’ll update them all now. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for acknowledging the shortcomings of this event series, James. I completed the last couple of races in the series yesterday and this is meant as a short report for future reference rather than just more brickbats.

The first race was Sea to Tree in Makuri, a straight climb, relatively short, just as it should be. I’m riding D category and this took me about 14 minutes. I then had about 7 minutes or so until the next event - unlike last week when it took so long to finish the first race we had no race 2 to enter.

However, the second race was Serpentine 8. Remember, these were billed as SHORT races, ideal for beginners, etc. The lead-in for Serpentine 8 took me about 15 minutes - and that’s almost entirely downhill. The whole race took me about an hour and ten minutes to complete! Certainly not what I signed up for. And to add insult to injury, my name didn’t feature on the results board and Race 2 is not appearing in my ZwiftPower! I’m not sure what went wrong. I definitely finished, and carried on a bit longer on the route as a warm down, so no idea why it didn’t register.

Anyway, no real harm done. I survived and the series was for the most part fun. I completed all eight weeks of the workouts and all the races that were possible and ended up with a backwards cap for my troubles. I feel like I earned the bloody bike they assigned for us!

I’ve checked back and this is part of the blurb advertising the race series: “Giant Gravel Crushers is ideal for new racers, thanks to its duration: short! It’s great for experienced competitors as well. Each race is between 10 and 15 minutes.” Off the top of my head, I would say the majority of the races were significantly longer than 15 minutes.

Remember, too, that we are starting all four categories at around the same time, for both races, which means that the interval between them is THE SAME for the fastest and the slowest rider. The slower you are the less rest you have. So the interval between races needs to take this into consideration.

I entered this race series for the previous two years and they were fun - and short! So it is possible. Hopefully there will be another series next year, but whoever plans it, please, for heaven’s sake pay attention to the course length, including the lead-in.

Thanks - this was a victim of our restructure. I’ll pay close attention next year when setting up the events (normally I’m in autopilot as I have no hand in the actual creation of them).

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Just a thought, to help with the planning, it might be worth putting the word out to the Zwift community for suggestions for courses that would make suitable combinations for races like these.

We should be able to do this ourselves :joy:

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Is this all updated now? I’m missing Week 1 Race 1 and Week 2 Race 1, not to mention both Week 4 Races?

Sorry - few events were missing. I’ve added them to all the series’ and reprocessed the results. Should all be there in 10/15 minutes.

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Not to put a too fine point on this, but this repeat offender (ZwiftPower - Login) should be DQed again from race 1 Week 3 women only, for exceeding the w/kg in C category… ZwiftPower - Login
Yes I do have “clean” friends that I would like to see rewarded! :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks

In the final league table I ended up in 3rd place in B cat APAC. Although I think that was mainly due to only 7 people finishing 5 or more races (I finished 6).

The series started out well with 76 in B cat finishing the first race in the first week but by the last race in week four it was down to only 10 finishers. About 150 people did at least one race in B cat according to the league table.

Maybe the drop off in numbers was down to the scheduling (20 minutes between races that took more than 20 minutes in round 3) or maybe that was down to the last race being 45 minutes when the event description said they’d be only 10 - 15 minutes. I guess that is because the race description looks like it was copy and pasted from the Giant Crit Crushers Series from a year ago.