New customisation options a bit racially un-PC..?

It’s great to have more options for customising the look of avatars, but I can’t help noticing that we’re still restricted to the same basic (and very caucasian looking) face, and that the new hair and beard options are all for straight hair styles. Personally this suits me very well and in fact my avatar now looks remarkably like me now that I’ve been able to add the goatee, but I’m sure this isn’t the case for many others…

The skin colour slider allows for black skin, but only with European-looking facial features and straight hair. Any plans to add more options in the future? Participation in cycling is overly white-skewed as it is so it doesn’t look good not to offer a racially balanced set of customisation options. 

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I did notice that the What’s new on Zwift 8/4 led with this: “One of the most visible changes is that we’ve improved our avatar customization system to include many more options and items to choose from.  This also sets up the framework to allow us to add many more customization options in the future - so tell us what you’d like to see here.” I understand that to mean that Zwift now has the capability to include more diverse and more numerous rider models, and that the developers are prioritizing which “models” to include.

I agree with your comment that we’re ready to see a range of avatars more representative of the real life people we’re riding with. I enjoying getting on Zwift and riding with people on several continents, and it’ll be good to see human diversity reflected in the avatars as well as the flags.