New course “Racetrack Nürburgring in Germany“

[date=2021-10-16 timezone=“Europe/Berlin”]Hallo Zwifters,
what do you think about a new course named „Nürburgring“ in Germany.
It is an racetrack for cars. But one time in a year (a complete Weekend) it is open just for bikers with a lot of different races like 24h race, everyone race and so on.
It is a really big event and very famous in Germany.
The course is about 24,4 km long and has about 560hm. The racetrack named „Grüne Hölle Nordschleife“ is completely in a forrest.
Zwift responsibilities, please would you check this racetrack if it is possible to integrate this in the Zwiftworld.
What do you think about this whish.

Not more worlds please. just expand the current ones. and fix all the other little things.


I think it’s a bad idea to have this kind of map in Zwift because it would limit how world designers could express their talents.

If you really want to ride iy on your trainer, you could; just get Assetto Corsa and SimCycling.


Here you go - Nürburgring Nordschleife – RGT Magic Roads


And fix all the BIG things too. Please…


What do you mean by your expression?

Agree with others, more worlds aren’t a priority, and even if they were I think the Nurburgring is a bit bland . In fact all the real world worlds are a bit bland, but a race track with no major climbs and no significant scenery variation would be particularly.


I just want to add having ridden the Nürburgring on Rouvy that there is a decent sized climb in the middel of the route that is almost as big as Epic KOM , but having said that I also agree that Zwift shouldn’t add more worlds but rather expand existing worlds like Watopia and France

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Looking on veloviewer it does look like there’s a half decent climb to be fair. However if we’re adding real world climbs something more iconic (to cycling) perhaps first.

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Forest of Arenberg, (save your Steamroller power up for it), Côte de La Redoute etc, Perhaps a Northern France/Belgium world.