New Club Feature missing some things

So I have used the Club feature for nearly a year now and love it. we have been able to control our events. But the new club feature is completely different. I am very limited in the routes I can choose. The functionality of the events. I am missing many features available to me in my beta club feature that is not thee in the new club feature. I can not change the Category Pens w/kg for example. Cant rubber band, Cant choose at least 40 routes or more. There is No web access like we have on beta clubs. I have found if I create an event I have to keep recreating it every week. Cant set it as recurring. If I open dn edit my ride with altered Watts/kg in a pen they reset if I use the phone. But in the web access I can tweak and they stay. Maybe I am missing something but the new club feature is NOT the same as the beta one by a long shot or am I doing something wrong?

See January Recap & February Update for the plans for developing the Clubs functionality.

You can choose whatever route you like though - the ones presented are just examples.