New climbing goal

Please could we have climbing goals added :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree. In addition to weekly Ride time and Distance goals, add ability to set a Climbing goal. Should use whatever units the user has selected ( Imperial or Metric) to set the goal. Eg if Iโ€™m using Metric I should be able to set a goal of, say, 1500 meters for the week.

Yes please, my mate and I both do this but we have to keep an eye on it. We like the distance goal but we know that there is a difference in effort and endurance between completing a goal of 200KM with 5,000M of climbing versus 200KM with 500M of climbing.

I can feel a lot of riders are focusing on the distance, which is good but could be better. Otherwise we will rarely hit Epic, Alpe, VTX.

New to the forums so this may have been up before but needing a goal to chase and non plussed about time or distance but enjoying the challenge of climbs the most what would be the chance of adding altitude climbed to the set goals? And allowing multiple goals to be set?

Canโ€™t be too hard to add on?