New badge - Deux Ven-TOP

A double ascent of ven-top is definitely worthy of recognition with a badge

I did this last year when they were doing it in TDF :slight_smile:

The problem with this is that it’s not a “lap”. From the route point of view, the lap ends once you reach the banner at the top of the climb, in the same way that it does with the Alpe. You cannot configure it to be a multi lap route, in the same way you would for doing laps of the Volcano.

A new road to the top (and a road to connect the two climbs) would solve the problem.
The same in the Alp.
We need new roads to the top of the big clims. Going up & down the same road limits our ride choices.
Way more fun if we (climbers) had more choices.
Pleople are asking for more variety in the Epic KOM, Alpe & Ventoux for ages, but without any luck …

You can do it six times and get the vEverest badge for it :muscle:

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