New avatar faces

This one might be a little harder to implement, but it would be nice to be able to map a photo of our own faces right onto our avatars. Anyone that wants to do it would load a single, straight on photo of their faces and Zwift would sumperimpose it right onto the avatar’s head.


I’ve played a couple of MMORPG’s where you could customise the appearance of your avatar, including multiple options to modify how your face looked. While I think that it’d be nice if Zwift had a couple more options in that regard, using pictures that users can upload themselves will at some point probably lead to harassment or unwanted content that has to be moderated. After all; this is the internet.

I don’t believe there’s that much face-to-face interaction. Personally, I hardly look at another rider’s face. I either see their back or their name in the list of Zwifters around me. I’d much rather have the option to customise my bike so it looks as my real one and be able to use some tools to create my own jersey.