Customize Ride On Face (Game Face)

EA was on the first companies that allow you to upload a self portrait to be transformed into a in game 3D avatar: UFC & Fifa.

"WELCOME TO Ride On Face

Create a personalized avatar with the Ride On Face generator, and ride/run as yourself in Zwift."

Once you’re done with the face, you can start the calves cus it’s all about the calves, and bulging veins!

Anything like that adds a huge admin overhead. You just can’t trust people to be sensible with user-generated content, and all the self portraits would have to go through a moderation/approval process.

I don’t know how it works in Fifa, but I just can’t see it as a worthwhile use of time or effort, really.

I’d like them to introduce some sort of customisation for sure - maybe along the lines of being able to “build a face” from a selection of noses, eyes etc. =)