Neokyo update - Poor Performance 8-10fps [OSX 10.13, Zwift1.19]

Okay, so I’m not sure what I really expected running a 2012 Macbook Pro on the latest map, but I do at least meet the minimum specifications!

I typically get at least 30fps on all of the maps, (even Makuri Islands) and I was excited to ride on the latest expansion (Neokyo), however, after trying it out I’m quite dissapointed! I tried out “Sprinters Pfaridise” today, and it was almost unplayable… Framerate was pegged at 8-10 fps for the majority of the ride, especially in the town where theres lots of detail. Makes me wonder about how those with lower spec computers / tablets are getting on?!

Overall, my feedback is this, it looks beautiful, :ok_hand: but I’d prefer something that runs at 30fps, aren’t most people running laptops / tablets with integrated graphics :poop: :computer:? The route itself was great, I just wish I could enjoy it!

Is there any way to change the graphics other than hacking around in the config files? I tried lowering the resolution from 720p to 520 and it had no effect.:frowning:

Processor 2.6Ghz Intel Core i7
Memory 8Gb DDR3
Graphics - embedded Intel® HD 4000 1535Mb

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