NEO 2T Trainer Bike Recommendation?

So haven’t owned a road bike before but have decided to get a NEO 2T (my wife can use it with her road bike and I like what it offers). I’m primarily will use the road bike as a dedicated smart trainer and occassionally ride outdoors. Does anybody have any recommendation for brands or price ranges I should be targeting? Should I just get a nice used bike for $500 or should I go into the local cycle shop and get properly fitted and spend a bit more?

I do live in a cycle-centric area and there are alot of used options available. Appreciate the help / advice.

I’d go for a used bike.

Your first bike will never be the bike, cause you don’t know yet what you want and need. You have to try and find out first… with your first bike :wink:

If you ride a few thousand miles/km with your first bike, and want another, you’ll know what to look for.

A couple of things to consider. If your wife is using her bike on the trainer you need to make sure your new bike has the same number of gears or you will have to change the cassette every time, which is absolutely not practical. The fact that you raise the question suggests you should get a bike fit too, to make sure you are efficient and don’t pick up any injuries. Also if you buy a used bike make sure it has a new chain, same for your wife’s bike, as you will need to purchase a cassette for the NEO.

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