Need help with overall distance

Hi all, I’m banging my head here to try and fix my overall distance on Zwift. After each session wether it be training or a cycle race zwift will calculate my distance, speed etc for that particular event. Although my overall distance has not changed. This has occurred from the past five events which I has been using zwift. Is this due to a technical glitch? I’d appreciate if anyone has had this problem. Regards


Using the ZCA I’m seeing your activities and it seems like your total distance going up.

You are Level 18 and 1,470 miles ridden so far. Do you think you should have more miles and a higher level?

I’ve calculated my activities individually and compared to my overall distance I’m approximately 271 miles… I just don’t get it. I fear that potentially something has corrupted my distance. It just doesn’t change now. I’m not happy:-(

You are going to have to contact Zwift Support: