Native Apple silicon Support for M1 and M2 Macs Enabled [1.47] [September 2023]

4K yes, Ultra no. The Air may suffer from overheating issues due to no fans.


You might be interested in this thread. Note that the machine being discussed was actually revealed to be an M1. I’m not sure we’ve heard any reports about the M2 Air so far. The M2 gets a higher graphics profile than the M1 though so it will work harder. CPU load has increased in the most recent update in Watopia. Some of the overheating issues may only show up in the more demanding worlds (eg, Makuri) or in really large events.

Hi Paul,

thanks for your reply.
I’ve already seen this thread but I think there might be a little difference in the fatcs regarding this topic, because it was written in March 2023. Now, 6 month later the client works native via Apple Silicon. So i thought, the performance may be improved and the results should get better.

I am VERY excited, if the new launched M3 Chipset from Apple will be able to set the game in ULTRA-Profile :slightly_smiling_face:
That would be one more reason to buy a brandnew MBP.

The performance is better, but the demands are higher as well because the graphics profile was improved at the same time. I don’t know what your experience would be like with the Air if you’re in a 500 rider event rolling through the most demanding parts of the Makuri world. I’m sure the MacBook Pro would survive it. You could always buy the Air and return it if it doesn’t work to expectations. A big event in Makuri with a thermal monitoring app running would be a good test.

I believe this answers your question, although I haven’t tried it out yet…

Ultra (1440p) is resolution, Ultra profile for a GPU is something else (yes, poor naming by Zwift).

I don’t know which Ultra @Jannik2103 means?

Hi Alex, thanks for your answer.
What now would really be interesting is, if you set the resolution to „4K UHD“ how many FPS you will have while using Zwift and what the assigned Graphic Profile will be.

You are able to analyze a log file at zwiftalizer. com

Would you do me VERY BIG favour and let me see a screenshot of the results from a log file?

I guess this will have a big impact to my decision for or against a MacBook Pro M3…

Best regards and many thanks

Hi Milan,

I am interested if the new MacBook Pro M3 will be able to get the „ULTRA“ Graphic profile assigned by zwift.

The MBP / MBA M1 and M2 get the profile up to „HIGH“ but not Ultra.

I really like playing with the ultra profile as I am used to it from my gaming computer.

BR Jannik

@Jannik2103 I am running a MacBook Pro M1Pro 16gb connected to a Samsung 55" TV via a USB->HDMI cable. The Samsung native screen resolution is 3840x2160 @ 60hz. I have Zwift set to the Ultra 2160p resolution and my Mac System Settings/Displays External Display resolution set to 3840x2160 60hg.

Zwift assigns this system the High graphic profile. I renamed the High profile file in the Zwift Configs folder to High Old, duplicated the Ultra profile and renamed the duplicate “High”, then tweaked it a bit as mentioned other places on this forum.

I tried to attach a Zwiftalizer screenshot but repeatedly was told there was an error (no idea what the issue was). At any rate, I get a solid, virtually locked 60fps (Std Dev of 2) at 2160p, High profile under “Crowded” conditions.

BR Rick

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Hi Rick,

many thanks, that really helped a lot!
Does that mean - with replacing the „high“ profile against the „ultra“ profile, that you are actually playing at an ultra profile?

And allow me to ask, that means „virtually locked 60FPS“? Is that a setting you set by your own, or does the MacBook limit it to 60FPS, instead it would be able to display more?

By the way: had the same issue with attachments and links yesterday… Forum reacted very slow, too.

BR and thanks

OK. I will do that. I’ve set up a zwiftalizer account, but not yet done an activity at the 4k UHD setting. Will post here when done. What I can tell you for now is that the default setting of 1080 gives HIGH and 60 FPS.

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OK a short session on 4kUHD resolution. Doesn’t pick up the ultra profile automatically. Still HIGH.

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I’m pretty sure that you can’t change the graphics profile (detail etc), only the resolution.

It does pick the high profile but it’s content are the settings for the ultra profile, as @Eric_Oshlo described above.
Zwiftalizer does not know the content of the file bit just what profile zwift picked to display.


Thank you so much for your effort Alex!
I appreciate it really very much.

I guess you would be able to change the graphic profile in your backend / graphic-files. The MacBook Pro M3 should be able to get this.

But what I am wondering about is, that the MacBook Pro M3 is not able to got assigned this profile „by its own“. To be honest, I expected that, because it has very much GPU-Power…

Anyway: thank you!

Hi Chris,

yes, but I think kn Alex‘ case not, because as I understood, he did not changed anything in the background.
BR Jannik

You can… it is possible, but not with an official setting. It needs to be done „deep into the config files“….

Yes it’s true I haven’t done that, but there is big improvement in the quality of the graphics when you change from 1080 to UHD. Perhaps that’s just the resolution? I don’t know. I’m used to Zwift on an iPad so it all looks fantastically good to me - a huge step up.

I’m sure if you want to squeeze the maximum of graphics performance out of it, you can tinker around under the hood. I don’t really need that right now.

The process of new GPUs being tested and added to higher profiles is usually not quick.

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