Name the Volcano

(Zee Kryder) #1

I love the 'Cano.

Most people call the Epic climb Mt. Zwift. ( I prefer the Hammer - from Thor, Zwift’s main investor)

I suggest V2 (like K2, only the Z for Zwift)

Can’t wait until the climb road opens up. Looks like it will be similar to the Tower but without climbing nearly 400 meters to get there. 


Do you like V2 ??? 

(Zee Kryder) #2

What about Z2?

Z2 sounds better than V2 to my friends.

Vote up if you like Z2.

(Tim Corso) #3

How about ‘Peter’?.  …Peter the volcano.

(Jonny Noblett) #4

Erupty McEruptface

(Zee Kryder) #5

Z2 in the lead. Mount Z2 may erupt soon. Then after that, the Z2 climb will open.

(Diana Bitritto) #6

Mt. Zwiftsuvius.  Mt. Zwiftna.  Mt. Zwifltouea.  Mt. Zwiftatoa.

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #7

Mount Zwiftano?


(Zee Kryder) #8

most of my replies said V2

One or two said the Cauldron, like a witch’s pot.

I hate the corkscrew.