Nailed the Desert Southwest + I Can Haz Moab?

I just rode a few laps through the new Desert expansion, forwards, backwards, etc.

Kudos to Zwift. It’s beautiful - you guys really nailed the Desert Southwest. You got the monuments, the Route-66 style town, the slot canyon, river oasis, it all looks fantastic.

I couldn’t help but get the feeling that this could be Moab. Man, the mountain bikers would be completely over the moon if you did for MTB with Moab what you did for road bikes with the Alpe.

Recreate Slickrock, Porcupine Rim, etc. and give us a few bikes to go with it - I’m thinking a YT Jeffsy, Santa Cruz 5010, Yeti SB150, Specialized Stumpjumper would be a nice selection. You’d immediately own a spot in every MTB rider’s heart.

From here, you could even draw inspiration from Fruita and Sedona with Kokopelli, Hangover, Hiline, White Line, etc. Let us all recreate Nate Hills’ and Jeff Kendal-Weed’s YouTube videos.

I guess this is the “winter” expansion we were promised? I guess I will have to wait for a rainy day to try it out.